American Idol Recap And Videos—Salt Lake City Superstars BRING IT!!

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Hay guys! Welcome back to American Idol land!

This week Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. are in Salt Lake City meeting many talented, lovely, and/or insane people via these open auditions.

First absolute standout from this week for me was fanny-pack-rocker Samantha Calmes, who at first sings an original song that is very good, revealing almost immediately that she MAY be too cool for Idol.

When Keith Urban comments "That kinda reminded me of a Macklemore song" I'll bet Samantha was like "LMAO WHAT" inside. HCJr winds her in by asking her to sing a non-original song so they can "understand the context." Samantha proceeds to sing the Jeffersons theme song (Y'KNOW, MOVIN' ON UP? TO THE EAST SIDE?) solidifying my immediate hunch that YES, SHE IS COOLER THAN IDOL. Anyway Samantha gets through, thank gawd, and parades around the lobby with her well deserved golden ticket. Go Samantha!

DJ Bradley, a cute, unemployed blonde kid, sings Adele's "Hometown Glory" and the judges can't decide whether his mysterious edge is a good thing or a turn off as a performer. I mean, if I was there I would just scream "IT'S NOT A TURN OFF, HE'S HOT" but like, I'm not an Idol judge, nor was I there when they filmed this. Thankfully, the judges agree that yes, DJ Bradley belongs in Hollywood, because he will make a lot of people money. Whee!

Kenzie Hall is not the first person tonight to sing a John Mayer song tonight, but she is the first that I'm mentioning cuz she was the first who blew me away. Kenzie is SIXTEEN and has better musical impulses than Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson combined, no offense ladies but can you make a John Mayer song sound this amazing?! Didn't think so. Watch below n judge me hard if I'm wrong!

Enter Paisley Van Patten, one of the older contestants I've seen this season. That being said-- she isn't even old, she's probably in her mid twenties, but compared to all of these teen prodigies they got auditioning these days, jeez. Anyway so Paisley apparently at one point had her own recording contact in Nashville, but lost a lot of chances (and, we presume, the recording contract) on account of her alcoholism. She moved back with her family, got help, got sober, and is now ready for her second chance! Who doesn't love a beautiful story like that? Paisley sings Faith Hill's "When The Lights Go Out" and girl has still got it, she sounds fantastic. And gives us her best Cher impression before she leaves the room. PAISLEY IS GOING TO HOLLYWOOD FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS, Y'ALL!

Tiquila Wilson, the funeral home singer (apparently this is a real job) is for sure totally excited to be here. When Seacrest asks her about why her name is almost identical to the liquor spelled TEQUILA, she's all "I had nothing to do with that, ask my mom," which is a TRU and RESPECTABLE answer. How should she know whats up with her name?! She wasn't alive when that happened! Tiquila sings Adele's "Someone Like You" which she didn't even have to sing since the judges were enamored with her almost instantly-- as was I. Tiquila has a great voice, a soulful voice, and da lady gets a golden ticket! Justice!

Casey Thrasher is the last person I'll recap tonight since after his adorable story and audition I was pretty much emotionally exhausted and too touched to care about anyone else. Meet Casey. He's a (what seems like single) dad of two young kids, both of which look exactly like him, since he is nearly a baby himself. Anyway Casey really wants to make it to Hollywood-- he wants to support his family, and Keith Urban told him to follow his dream one time. So here he is, in Keith Urban's presence, AGAIN! Will he blow it? Casey sings Brooks and Dunn's "Believe"-- "because you always gotta believe," Casey says-- and touches all three of the judges' hearts.

So? WHO'S YR FAVE? Sound off below!

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