American Idol Recap: Come One, Come All, and Bring Your Guitars

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If there's one observation I've made about people on American Idol, it's that they love to bring along their guitars and sing while they play.

I thought about it, and it's probably a great call on their part. 1) They don't have to sing acapella-- let's be real, everybody sounds worse when they sing acapella, and 2) They get to appear as a bonafide musician if they come in singing AND playing an instrument.

Take worship leader Spencer Lloyd, for example. He walks in and Harry Connick Jr is immediately skeptical. "You're carrying a guitar, you look like that... what's to like?"  the IRATE judge says.

Spencer sings "Never Gone" and, even though HCJ is not impressed with his vocals, he gets through because of all of the reasons he brought his guitar in the first place. So bring your guitar people! It works wonders.

Aight so0o... the craziest moment on tonight's show for me was when Nikki McKibbin, third place in season 1 of American Idol, showed up with HER SON TRISTAN. Does anyone remember Tristan? She talked about him all the time on Season 1, and he was def on the air a few times. He was like four. WELL NOW HE'S FIFTEEN, and he plays guitar too. Tristan speaks in the same Texas drawl that his momz does, and performs Sublime's "Santeria" as his audition song, L O L O L. Anyway, he's cute and good enough and he is let through to the next round.

Taylor Stearns, who has the same kinda hair Taylor Swift started out with, gives a great audition and tewtally goes through to Hollywood. John Fox, another worship leader and another guitar player, sings Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel my Love" and is so great even HCJ is impressed. A rarity already, tbh.

In San Francisco, David Luning sings an original song (on his guitar duh) called "I Lost My Mind in Texas" and all JLo kept saying was "It's interesting, it's interesting. For Idol, it's interesting." What does that mean? That he's interesting? Too interesting for American Idol? OOHHH BURN! Anyway, Luning's interestingness didn't get in the way of his going to Hollywood, so we'll be seeing him again soon, which I'm happy about. ARE YOU?

So now, enter Sierra and Selena Moreno, two twins whose catchphrase is "Somebody's gonna need to call an ambulance... cause we're gonna KILL IT!" They both audition separately. Selena goes first and sings Janis Joplin and it's pretty screamo-rific but the judges are into it. Then her sister Sierra sings Beyonce's "1+1" and, I thought, also kinda killed it. But Selena is the only one that ends up going through, and from looking at the two of them you'd think Selena was the one who got cut, cuz she can't stop crying from all of the emotions. I don't think I could handle having a twin guys. Feel like it's probably a very intense gig!

More highlights: Briana Oakley is back from Season 12 singing a Sara Bareilles song gorgeously (no guitar! no guitar!), and this shaman-esque sound healer Adam Roth sings a bizarrely beautiful interpretation of Hallelujah. They both get through and the competition builds.

This season, can we pick a winner who actually gets big, y'all?! I mean really. See ya next week!

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