American Idol RECAP-- We Got Da Deets!

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Another Thursday flies by, another Idol contestant gone with the wind. Except this time it MATTERS, because only the TOP 10 get to go on The Idol Tour. (When I say "matters" take it lightly, okay?)

I really can't believe that tonight we actually have to listen to Harry Connick Jr take the stage while he sings a medley of new jazz-pop hits. Ugh. The worst part about it-- WHY AM I FINDING HIM SO ATTRACTIVE? Is anybody dealing with this conundrum where they hate Harry in everyday life but are watching him sing and feeling tinges of hawtness? No? Just me?

Umm anyway his performance was fine and all but I gots no clue who he thinks is watching Idol that's gonna cross over and buy a jazz record just because he's on it. Katy Perry, brah. The people want Katy Perry (find Katy Perry tickets from

The bottom three makes no sense tonight: it is Ben BrileySam Woolf, and Majesty Rose. The second musical guest, Mali Music sings a new hit single called "Beautiful" (not Miguel and Mariah's "Beautiful") that I can get behind. AND THEN IT'S TIME FOR RESULTS!!!

Sam Woolf is safe. Majesty Rose is safe. Ben Briley, who couldn't really seem to find his footing even though he was definitely the most hysterical contestant anytime they had to speak/act/do anything other than sing, is going home tonight. BOO HOO! So far the judges haven't used a single save, so Ben sings "Stars" but he's still going home tonight.

BUMMMMER. As he sings the Facebook profile pics of people who voted for him float up on the screen behind him, which is a new "interactive" thing Idol does, which I just find crazy. I just sat here for thirty seconds with a word to end that sentence with and all I can say is "crazy." Idol leaves me feelin' so verbose.