American Idol Recap-- We LUH Ya, JLo!

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I'm torn I'm torn I'm so torn, I'm feeling a whole lot of emotions that are at such extremes and I don't know which one to tend to first. From one side I'm feeling extreme joy/ecstasy over JLo's performance of "I Luh Ya Papi" and from another I'm feeling like I could cry and cry about MK Nobilette leaving the show. Which should I deal with first?! I'll go in order of things that happened.

I LUH YA PAPI. I LUH YA LUH YA LUH YA PAPI. Is this JLo's catchiest hit she has ever recorded? Is it catchier than Jenny From The Block? Some people may disagree, but I think the answer is "maybe" "probably" "definitely" "yes." Woah. I don't care that she lipsynched through most of that performance, it was CATCHAAAYYY as FAAAAAAAK! Also who remembered that JLo can really dance? Not I! Not I! This entire situation has been pleasantly surprising and I won't let go of the feeling!

Ok, you can watch the video below and decide how incredible you find the performance. In the bottom three tonight are three cool cats, Dexter Roberts, Majesty Rose, and MK Nobilette. Don't believe Dexter has been in the bottom three yet, but Majesty and MK are not new to the pressure. Unfortunately, MK is the one who has to sing for her life tonight. But at least it isn't a Pity Sing like old seasons of Idol used to make contestants do (cue: "Bad Day," anybody with me?) She decides to sing John Legend's "All of Me," a song she's sung before very well, but it wasn't enough to save her. OH WELL WHATEVER, she'll still go on tour and she'll still be cool, probably as cool as she wants, now that Idol can't stop her. HA! YOU'RE FREE FROM THE MAN MK! I LOVE YOU<3

Also performing live on the show tonight was a band by the name of Royal Teeth. Contrary to whatever kind of word-association might be occurring in your mind right now, this band has zero relation to teen witch/cool chick Lorde. Watch their performance below!