What a whirlwind this episode of American Idol has been!

I mean really-- tears, breakdowns, animosity, judges quarreling-- I don't think we're in Omaha anymore!

So basically, for the first fifteen minutes of the show tonight, us unsuspecting audience members watch footage of people auditioning in Hollywood-- and everybody is just plain sucking. Sorry to say, but this is da truth: they were sew bad. The sound healer guy brings some drama to the judges cuz he sang while playing a keyboard, only he played the wrong chords, in turn making his audition sound WHACK. The judges can't decide whether or not it was his VOICE that sounded awful, or just the keyboard. A true nightmare.

Anyway, after the first round of mediocre singers is finished, we find out that all of the people were the judges' "maybe" group. Anybody who did not audition on day 1 gets to come back tomorrow. As for all these people who just auditioned, well... they're divvied up into two groups. Each group gets on their own bus. One of the buses bring the group back to the hotel and they get to come back tomorrow, and the other bus sends them DIRECTLY TO THE AIRPORT. Now, is that cruel, or is that super cruel? Anyway, Bus #2 ends up being safe. Nikki McKibben's son Tristan is on that bus-- he sang "To Make You Feel My Love" tonight and it was a great audition-- and fake accent girl Kristian Davis is on airport-bound Bus #1-- so all is okay in the world. For now.

Anyway, the auditions continue, and we see a few familiar faces: Samantha Calmes is back, fanny pack and all, but gets cut after singing a song that relies too heavily on her guitar playing. Spencer Lloyd, who we met in Austin a few weeks back, wows the judges with his version of A Great Big World's "Say Something." His performance was so good my mom even texted me being like, "We need to remember this guy!" Mom's seal of approval y'all.

Selena Morena (who auditioned with her twin sister Sierra in San Francisco) completely cracks in the middle of her audition, so dramatically that her sister who is in the audience must shout "You got this, girl!" from the crowd. It is painful to watch. But you know whose audition was NOT painful to watch? Kenzie Hall, who sings a dreamy version of Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us." Can we just stop the auditions right now and crown Kenzie Hall as the next American Idol? Plz plz plz? Jena Asciutto is back and she sings Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" beautifully ,and Keith Urban decides he is going to go download that song, since he's never heard it before. Erm... where you been bro?

Well. This was all stressful, but it gets worse from here y'all, because now it's time for GROUP REHEARSALS, which is sure to induce insanity in all involved. We'll learn more about this on Thursday's show for sure, but looks like Jessica Meuse is bossing up because she's can't handle her lazy group members, and her lazy group members can't handle her. Sikeya Thompson cracked me up very hard when she decided on the last day of rehearsals that she wasn't going to practice, or speak, because she didn't want to ruin her voice. Watching her write out the note with the news and present it to her teammates was p much comedy gold. Wish I could find a clip!