What an ep, what an ep!

The American Idol judges have some difficult decisions to make this week as they begin to fill the Top 30 slots. And the producers think we want to watch all of these decisions being made... in real time! Gotta love these shows before the live shows. Any footage is a go!

This is the most stressful part of the competition for the contestants. They are forced to dress up in casual dress and enter a gigantic room through an elevator where they sit in front of the judges and find out their fate. Are they going home? Are they safe? Do their shoes match their socks?!

The first contestant to make her way up to the Giant and Empty Decision Making Room (GEDMR we'll call it from now on) and on to the live shows is seventeen year old Emily Piriz, who IMHO killed off all competition with her piano-accompanied rendition of  Grace Potter's "Stars". What, the heck. Emily is so good. How does she do that thing where she jumps like two registers and nails the high note? Watch her video and tell me if she is not uh-mazing. Maybe Emily shouldn't have gone first, cuz who else am I supposed to care about nooooow?

Second up to the GEDMR is Spencer Lloyd, controversial contestant who blew everyone way with his version of A Great Big World's "Say Something" during week one but came up short during his second solo performance, a trashcan audition of some trashcan song that HCJr said "sounded like a Public Service Announcement." Don't worry though, they would NEVER let someone as cute as Spencer Lloyd get away, so we'll be seeing him on the live shows next week, no problem.

There weren't a whole lot of heartbreaking "no"s on Wednesday's show but when they let Madelyn Patterson go I was pretty choked up, and I'm not afraid to say it. She is just so sweet and her accent makes her sound sweeter and when she didn't get through she was so understanding and a good sport and UGH, STOP, I can't talk about Madelyn anymore. Who's up next?

Oh, here's a new spin on things. The judges sent up Jessica Meuse and Jesse Roach to the room at the same time. Since they're both boasting the same package (singer songwriter, rocker-ish, variations on the name "Jessica", etc etc etc), the judges explain there is only room for one of them in the Top 30. Each must sing a thirty seconds acapella ON THE SPOT so the judges can decide who to put through to the next round. They choose Jessica Meuse, who sits a lil' wrong with me due to her awful showing during the group performances. I mean, even if you're winging it, how do you not know the lyrics to "Single Ladies" already? YOU'RE A LITTLE BIT OFF, MEUSE!

Other early favorites who make it through: Malaya the high school tuba player, Alex Preston who looks like many dudes I went to high school with, Bria Anai Johnson, whose lipstick game (and singing voice, heyyyy!) is consistently on point. Check the up-to-date list of those going through below, and watch their performances. Tomorrow we find out if it's CJ Harris or Casey Thrasher who gets a spot in the Top 30... can't they let them both through?! I'm okay with having two Alabaman dads in the Top 30.


Jessica Meuse

Malaya Watson

M.K. Nobilette

Jillian Jensen

Andrina Brogden

Emily Piriz

Bria Anai Johnson

Kristen O'Connor



Alex Preston

Malcolm Allen:

Sam Woolf

Emmanuel Zidor

Maurice Townshend

Jordan Brisbane

Dexter Roberts

George Lovett

Spencer Lloyd