American Idol Recap—Top 10 Does The Top 10

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The American Idol top 10 doing the top 10!

A genius idea, Idol. Didn't have to think of a catchy title for this recap because y'all already did it for me. THANK YOU!

Well if this week of Idol made one thing clear for me it is this: everybody can sing Top 10 records because they have the easiest melodies to sing ever. Also that JLo is really excited (AS AM I) to sing her new hit single (that will hopefully become a Top 10 record ASAP because damn it's great) "I LUH YA PAPI" because she is SO into her comments this week it's crazy. So amped up! Why is she so cute!

After a few snoozefest performances by MK Nobilette (my girl didn't bring it tonight, sry 2 say) and Dexter Roberts, Jena Irene was the first to bring da house down with her version of Zedd's "Clarity." What was even more amusing than her actual performance were the comments Harry Connick Jr. gave her afterwards-- "I don't know if you know what Ultra is, but that's the kind of music they play at Ultra," is something he said to Keith Urban. Ok HCJr. You're very hip, you proved it last week with your jazzpop performances. NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

Malaya Watson sang "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars (who's on tour right now so make sure to grab your Bruno Mars tickets) and it was pretty bomb, kinda crazy how Malaya can *feel* so much and she's only like seventeen. Seriously, the emotional breadth of someone who's lived ninety years. Go gurl you got it.

Let's talk about Caleb Johnson for a second, because he honestly just turned a pretty standard issue Lady Gaga song into a "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"-level epic record. Harry the Professor gave it an "A+" for originality and Keith Urban told him he had a "killer teune." Tuene = tone in Keith's Australian accent. Dumb joke but I'm gonna leave it there for you to cry over.

Cool that CJ Harris decided to sing a song called "Invisible" because he is basically invisible. JUST KIDDING!  JEEZ! CJ Harris is like the nicest man to ever grace the Fox network. This was one of his better performances of the past couple of weeks so aight. Everyone clap for CJ Harris and if you don't his adorable wife who is always at the shows will so no biggie. Jessica Meuse made that Foster the People "Pumped Up Kicks" song a real country banger so good 4 her this week.

Majesty Rose sings a fairytale acoustic version of "Wake Me Up" which was cool and Sam Woolf sings "We Are Young" by the band Fun, who I like to call Not Fun. Did y'all know that there are a group of teenage girls online who write FAN FICTION about Sam Woolf? Yes it's true.

Raise your hands if you won't be able to sleep tonight because JLo performs live tomorrow.