American Idol Results Show Recap—Who's In, Who's Out!

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Um, first off—has American Idol turned into the Harry Connick Jr. show?

Anytime Ryan Seacrest asks a question, he spends five minutes answering it. Now I get why Seacrest has taken to calling him "Junior"-- it's because he's like a GIANT OVERSIZED KID WHO ONLY EVER WANTS TO HEAR HIS OWN VOICE SPEAK.

But really! And then they had to go and reward his bad behavior by having his favorite Saints player record a video for him. Jeez man. I'm not normally such a hater, but I think Harry can take it since he SURE DOES DISH IT OUT OHHH!

After some real boring bullshieeet I'll call Randy Jackson time, we finally begin the results. Out of Emily Piriz, Sam Woolf, Jessica Meuse, and Ben BrileyEmily is in the bottom three tonight. Shocker, but also not shocker, since Emily has revealed herself to have a very tiny personality in the scheme of things. Especially when you stack her next to some of the other contestants this season-- Ben "I like to throw rocks at things" Briley, Dexter "I love dogs and farms" Roberts, Malaya "I'm Cool But I'm Only Like Seventeen Wait How Am I Real" Watson, for some examples.

Out of Dexter RobertsMajesty Rose, Alex Preston, and Jena AsciuttoJena is in the bottom three again. Coulda seen that coming duh. Jena has a great voice but don't think she's *connecting* with the audience so much. It's only the second week though so maybe I'm being a little critical!!1!1!!1!!1! *Does three jumping jacks and hits the floor*

Out of Malaya WatsonCaleb Johnston, MK Nobilette, and CJ HarrisMK is in the bottom three again. SoOo LAMEEE but this bottom three makes sense to me. Makes a lot more sense than last week's.

Oh yeah and in the meantime—as Popdust previously reported, we got Phillip Phillips performing his new single "Burning Fire" and an Irish band named Kodaline (out of the 890 people I follow on Twitter, Harry Styles is the only one who follows them-- fun fact) performing some song.

Emily Piriz has the least number of votes tonight, and even her fave song "Stars" can't save her now. The judges were not unanimous in their decision to keep her stay, and so we say goodbye to Emily tonight. :(! :(! :(! Bye girl!