Fans took over the reigns on this week's (April 30) American Idol, suggesting song choices for the Top 5 finalists. After thousands of prospective tunes were submitted, the producers narrowed down the field to an undisclosed number, from which the singers had to choose two to perform. While Jessica Meuse, Jena Irene, Alex Preston and newly-booted contestant Sam Woolf have been pretty tight-lipped about their selections, resident rocker Caleb Johnson is speaking out...and he's not every happy.

His true colors became apparent in a Top 5 after-show red carpet press circuit. On the topic of how his perception of social media has changed since the show began (prompted by an After Buzz TV reporter), he was pretty frank, "It gives access to a bunch of retards to talk to me. I don’t really enjoy having to see somebody telling me what song I have to sing."

He added, as originally reported on by MJs Big Blog, "At this point of the competition I can pick and choose my own songs. I don’t need 10,000 people saying ‘You should sing this, you should sing that, listen to me.’”

“Fortunately guys, I’m going to listen to myself, whether you like it or not," he concluded, looking straight into the camera. On Wednesday, Johnson took a spin at Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" (backed by strings and candles) and Whitesnake's "Still Of The Night," a truly sensational undertaking.

Of course, there was another dust-up this week when the Final 5 were asked to make a tough decision on results night (May 1). Host Ryan Seacrest handed each singer a marked index card. Inside, they had to circle one of two options: Yes, to keep the group together another week and not send someone home and send two home the following week or No, to send someone home this week, per usual. It has been revealed that Johnson, Meuse and Woolf voted Yes, while Preston and Irene voted No. As a result, the lowest vote-getter was immediately eliminated (that'd be Woolf).

So much drama, so little time.

Here's the incredibly revealing (and offensive) Johnson interview:



Johnson has issued a statement, via his Facebook:


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