Let Us Decode Beyonce's Super Bowl Promo With the Intensity of a Kremlin Codebreaker

What can we learn from this video Beyonce just posted of her Super Bowl halftime performance? A few things:

—This is going to be a huge, full-blown production, of course. Look at all those backup dancers!

—The thing is scored to "Countdown," which, yes, it's called "Countdown to Touchdown" so that makes sense. But could we be getting "Countdown" during the performance too? (Early reports were vague on which Bey solo tracks would be included.) We hope so, everybody loves "Countdown."

—"Single Ladies" is almost definitely included, though; not only is it one of Beyonce's biggest hits, but the preview also shows a snippet of backup dancers practicing that famous shimmy in some familiar black leotards.

—We searched and searched, and couldn't spot a single male backup dancer. (The only men we see are choreographers.) A sign that "Girls" will run the show?

Are there any other clues we missed? Let us know!