The Nicki Minaj-Mariah Carey Feud Starts off in Full Swing on the Idol Premiere

Almost from the moment they were announced as judges, Maiah Carey and Nicki Minaj's feud has been the centerpiece of the American Idol promo campaign. But with no real evidence besides one leaked backstage clip, it was easy to be skeptical. This was a lot of words being spilled about something we didn't have a lot of evidence even existed.

Last night, though, we got our first real glimpse of the pair working relationship and, real or not, the bad blood between them doesn't seem to be the result of one 30-second spat. These women plain don't like each other, leaving poor Keith Urban, caught in the middle like a child of a nasty divorce.

The women feuded over nearly everything—Minaj's drum major hat, Mean Girls trivia, Mariah's run of Christmas hits—but to our money, the best exchange came when Carey took aim at Minaj's inexplicable British accent. Check out the Idol accent supercut, below:

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