Tina Fey's spot-on script and hilarious performances from a lovable former SNL crew have helped 2004's Mean Girls become a cult favorite, and led many to lament the bright days of a now troubled Lindsay Lohan. Along with hilarious, insanely quotable dialogue, the music of Kevin Gnapoor—Mathletes stud who also moonlit as a DJ/Badass MC—was never lost on us, and apparently was also a highlight of those working on the film.


Recently unearthed footage passed down from the gods of Kalteen bars finds writer and co-star Tina Fey spitting the lines she probably wrote, in support of her girl from the Chi, and resident "cool mom," Amy Poehler. Lohan makes an appearance in the background, tossing her hood over her head and throwing her hands up, as the entire crew reenacts Kevin G.'s memorable rhyme from the Winter Talent Show. We hope his words were committed to memory by film's end; plenty of MG diehards just recited his performance entirely from memory.


Whether you want to marvel at the many talents of Lindsay Lohan before the multiple hospitalizations for exhaustion and expensive legal trouble, or reacquaint yourself with Fey's charming script, today is the today to celebrate this glorious gift that's fallen from heaven. Happy holidays, everyone!