Amy Schumer Defends Bill Cosby In The Court Of Public Opinion

amy schumer defends bill cosby

Amy Schumer is never one to back down from a little controversy—and you don’t get much more controversial than the Bill Cosby rape scandal.

The 33-year-old tackles the subject head on in a hilarious new Comedy Central skit, “defending” the shamed comedian in the Court of Public Opinion—you can watch the video right here on Popdust.

Bill Cosby Sues Alleged Sex Assault Victims For Causing Him ‘Emotional Distress’

As Popdust previously reported, since last November, at least 40 women have come forward accusing Cosby of drugging and/or sexually assaulting them, with the earliest alleged incident dating back to 1965, and the most recent, 2008.

Cosby has kept schtum on the subject, offering up no comment on either the ever increasing number of allegations against him, or the cancellation of several of his shows last fall.

Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Depo Reveals Sickening Behavior And Arrogance

Many of Cosby’s fans are reluctant to believe the allegations against the 77-year-old, whose long running sitcom, The Cosby Show, was a family favorite for decades, something Schumer plays up to the max—reminding the fictional court jury of how warm and fuzzy Dr. Huxtable has made us all feel over the years.

“Let's remind ourselves what's at stake here,” Schumer says. “If convicted, the next time you put on a rerun of The Cosby Show you may wince a little, you might feel a little pang. And none of us deserve that. We don't deserve to feel that pain.”

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“Did anyone feel raped by that? How about drugged? No? Me neither,” she deadpans after playing a clip from the show to the jury. “I felt comforted by a familiar father figure.”

“We deserve to dance like no one's watching and watch like no-one's raping,” Schumer charges, breaking out into a Cosby style dance, before explaining to the jury that the show “stands for happiness, laughter and nostalgia” therefore, Cosby is “not guilty.”

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Schumer concludes the sketch with a delivery guy handing her a thank-you drink from the great man himself—the contents of which, she wisely, throws over her shoulder.

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