Any vaguely jazzy singer worth his or her salt inevitably takes on Stan Getz and Joao Gilebrto's "The Girl From Ipanema" at least once in their life, and because Amy Winehouse is both famous and no longer with us, it was inevitable that hers would end up seeing the light of day on record at some point. The natural choice of cover proves a surprisingly awkward fit for the singer, however—largely because the arrangement speeds up the original (whose terminally chill tranquil was an extremely large part of the song's appeal) to an uncomfortably aggressive shuffle, which inspires Amy to sound like she's anxious about getting the whole thing wrapped up as quickly as possible. (Even her scatting sounds a little half-hearted.)

It won't be one of the stronger covers on her posthumous album Lioness—we already like her "Our Day Will Come" rendition considerably more—but still, for fans of Amy and "Ipanema" alike, it's worth a listen. Click over to Some Kind of Awesome to have yourself a looksee. (Listenhear?)