Whenever a truly seismic event in pop culture occurs—a new Beyoncé single, for instance, or a new Lady Gaga video—you can bet food-for-thought discussion duo The Skorpion Show will be there to weigh in on it. This time it's just Kevin, offering his take on the clip in front of a green screen displaying stills from Gaga's "You And I" video. He introduces the clip, summarizes the plot, then shares a few thoughts on what transpires. Some high points:

Describing the Star's Appearance: "The bitch been walking so long that the bottom of her feet was bloody as hell. That shit ain't cute anyway...Y'all don't wanna see the bottom of my feet, I swear y'all don't."

Detailing the Scenery: "It was kinda like, a torture chamber or something. You know, he was like doing all kinds of shit to the women. Electrocuting them and putting them together…sticking shit in them…I don't know what the hell was going on, but for some reason, [Gaga] loved that shit…"

Summarizing the Plot: "OK, she's in love with this man, and she's not leaving Nebraska without him…this bitch is in cornfields, singing over top of pianos, she's emulating who Nebraska is…"

Questioning the Logistics: "There was a lot of fucking in that video!..The only scene I did not like was the mermaid scene. I'm like, now…how the fuck do a mermaid fuck? I still don't know!"

Interpreting the Final Product: "Some videos that Gaga do are over the top, and you sit there like, what the fuck is this bitch trying to express? But in this video, I think it's like, you can understand it if you listen to the lyrics and you pay attention to what's going on...and she didn't try too hard. It's just self-explanatory to me."

Self-explanatory? If you say so, Kevin. As long as that means you don't have to ask us to explain it to you.

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