The world has gone mobile and with the global feasibility of smartphone every information seems to be in the palm of one's hand. No matter what sort of information one is looking for irrespective of the demographic location he/she can get it within fraction of seconds. All that one has to do is to open some mobile app on his smartphone and get the information instantly.

Mobile applications have indeed made it easy for mobile users to get any sort of information whether it is about hotel booking, tourism, train inquiry, bus ticket, movie tickets, flight booking, mobile banking, GPS, real estate deals, local businesses and local services like plumber, painter etc. Now there is no need to open up laptop and Google for the desired information. So taking the momentum further we will be discussing about one such app that seem to be just perfect for people looking to get exact and precise information for their train travel needs on the go.

This Railgaadi app seems to have covered every possible aspect that people usually look for in a mobile application. Indian people are the biggest critics one can face and this app seems to be developed to keep those critics at bay. With tons of stunning features that in reality rail travelers in India look for have been integrated into the application. It's a high-end user friendly train tracking app that is intuitive with least click requirement and clear design.

Let's look at some of the Railgaadi mobile app features and evaluate whether they are of any help for the passengers:

One of the biggest hurdles of coming out with a train tracking app in a country like India is that it has one of the largest rail network in the world with thousands of trains covering millions of miles every day. So integrating everything in one app is a big task which Railgaadi has been able to do quite successfully. It covers more than 10500 stations with every detail including map and amenities and covers more than 11000 trains and their detailed information with route map.

An app is worth downloading when it caters to the user's need and requirement and provide him the information he is looking for without putting him in any sort of dilemma. Railgaadi app very cleverly sorted out this problem and has different color for RAC, confirm, Waitlist and Cancelled ticket for quick identification.

It automatically tracks PNR and notifies the passenger using Cloud Messaging service so that the passenger never misses any change in PNR status. That's quite remarkable looking at the perspective that people usually remain unaware of their PNR status. This app also reads the PNR from the SMS and starts to track and manage till the journey is completed.

Most of the train tracking app doesn't provide offline feature but not only Railgaadi provides this feature it has additional added feature like the passenger can track all the nearby stations and that too with just one touch. That's quite impressive considering the bad connectivity of internet and issues with its speed in India.

This app has everything that a user wants in an app for tracking trains. Some other remarkable features this app come equipped with are:

Lock screen live train status: The passenger has to just click the power button of mobile to know the delay status and current location of the train right away. This saves battery power!!

One Touch Live train tracking: The passenger can swiftly track currently running trains. There is absolutely no need to provide input again and again. Just click one button and the tracker will appear on the home screen.

Live Train Status: Now it's very easy to locate the live location of a running train.

Coach positions: One can locate the order of coaches using this feature. The order of coaches from the engine can be identified. So, no need of running back and forth on the railway platform to find the right coach. .

Seat Map: The passenger can see the coach Layout/Seat Map of all type of coaches in Indian Railways

Train Time Table: Details like train schedule including average delay time and platform number for every station can very easily be tracked by this app.

Station Alarm: Want to get off on a station but the train will reach there in the wee hours then don't worry this app will set station location and distance based alarm. This is GPS based feature so Internet is not required.