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Anastasia Elliot Releases 'The Boy Who Cried Love'

A sublimely beautiful song about the pain of love.

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Anastasia Elliot premieres the music video for "The Boy Who Cried Love."

At one point, Elliot was trapped in a deal with a major label. She had tons of talent, but wasn't on the label's list of priorities. Once Anastasia saw the writing on the wall, she bailed. Relying on her voice and her talent, she decided to do things her way rather than be a passive nonentity waiting on corporate caprice.

Austere, almost Spartan, "The Boy Who Cried Love" presents a piano, Elliot's hypnotizing voice, and pervasive, incandescent emotion. It's a breakup song of complex moods, trenchant and intense, definitely not the kind of mainstream fluff a label would get behind.

Anastasia Elliot "The Boy Who Cried Love" - (Official Video)

For the video, Elliot collaborated with director Ryan Hamblin, whose Ridley Scott-like utilization of light and dark is not only innovative, but risky because Hamblin is fearless. The video opens with Elliot dressed in elegant white, playing a skeleton-like piano. Snow-white candles ooze crimson rivulets of wax down the bone-like legs of the piano. As the visuals unfold, Elliot appears in severe black, a gown with octopi-like tendrils floating and reaching out urgently toward a blindfolded figure who struggles to elude her grasp.

The song opens with a gorgeously supple piano, vibrating with resonance. Gently swelling strings infuse the tune with gossamer textures and sonic ribbons of undulating imminence. Elliot's voice, edgy with dark delicious timbres, flows forth in a welter of passionate emotion. The captivating ache of her voice provides the luster of the bewitching guile of love.

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