And I Am Telling You, These Gifs Of Jennifer Holliday on Idol Are Tremendous

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It's a terrible shame that the animated gif did not exist during Jennifer Holliday's four year Broadway stint as Effie in Dreamgirls. Based on last night's American Idol finale mess-terpiece, there could have been an 80s museum dedicated solely to Jennifer Holliday's crazy faces. Go to the nearest mirror and attempt to bite your own left ear. That's kinda what she looked like. We had no choice but to rank her #1 in our Idol Power Rankings. J.Holl has lost a ton of weight since her Broadway days, but has gained a ton of crazy. This assemblage of the internet's greatest gif(t)s will prove that.


Big thanks to J.Lo for taking on our collective reaction at home...

(via Hack Wilson, Magnificent Ryan, and Matt Cherette)

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