With all the TRL retro business of late–and about damn time, we might say—we've all had *NSYNC and Backstreet on the brain lately. This apparently includes our nation's favorite "What Else is On Tonight?" basketball team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, who recently released a video of some of their marquee players (Kevin Love, Michael Beasley, Ricky Rubio, etc.) singing along to the Syncers' "Tearin' Up My Heart." Well, "singing along" might be putting it somewhat generously, as a couple of the players kinda hum the melody (and often incorrectly, as Beasley does for almost an entire verse), and some of them eschew singing altogether to just go crazy with the dance moves (looking good, Martel Webster).

The one thing we will say about this video is that we're minorly disappointed to not get a better performance from Kevin Love. Not only would he have been the perfect age for maximum *NSYNC over-exposure (10 in 1998), he's also the only player on the team and one of the few in the NBA who looks like he could have been in the group. (Or Backstreet. Or Color Me Badd, for that matter. It's all in the facial hair.) Show us a little more soul, K-Love.

[The Basketball Jones]