Anderson Cooper’s Drunken Laughter Is the Highlight of the New Year

A Barbara Walters impression teamed up with tequila shots to turn Anderson Cooper into a beautiful, hysterical mess

2020 has just gotten started, and on tonight's edition of Anderson Cooper 360, we can probably expect some updates on how the entire continent of Australia is currently on fire.

No doubt the coming year will offer plenty of apocalyptic weather events and political drama that will have us all pulling our hair out—election day here we come! But the good news is that the new year has already produced one of those rare, shining moments of pure joy that make it possible to crawl out of bed and face the ugliness of the world each morning.

'SNL' alum revives Barbara Walters character, Anderson Cooper loses it

It's all thanks to an unlikely petition on, recalling an iconic TV slogan from 15 years past. Barbara Walters, who hosted the ABC program 20/20 until 2004, would always open the show with the phrase, "I'm Barbara Walters, and this is 20/20." The petition to have her host the annual ball drop and ring in the New Year with that phrase was started in January of 2019, and by the end of December it had only managed to collect around 7,000 signatures. It wasn't enough to make that vision a reality, but it was enough to get a shout out in CNN's New Year's Eve coverage. And with the help of a former SNL cast member and several scorching shots of tequila, that shout out turned into something truly spectacular.

This is 2020

It's maybe not that surprising that CNN was unable to get the real, 90-year-old Barbara Walters to brave the crowds and the cold of Times Square for the midnight announcement. Fortunately, Cheri Oteri was on hand to provide the next best thing. Reprising the impression of Walters that she perfected in her days on SNL, Oteri brushed off a suggestion that she could return to The View, and instead pitched a reality show following Walters' jet-setting lifestyle, populated by a cast of geriatric former celebrities who are somehow all still alive—Kirk Douglas is 103!—and some imaginary senior-specific dating apps, such as "Loose Skin." The material itself is worth a laugh, and if you're old enough to have a memory of Barbara Walters on 20/20, then you probably know how good Oteri's impression is, but what makes the moment truly special is Anderson Cooper's hysterical, buckled-over laughter.

As it turns out, the shots of tequila that co-host Andy Cohen kept giving to Cooper as the night wore on really did their job, leaving Cooper loose and goofy by the time Oteri started turning to the camera to deliver, "This is 2020." The pure joy he unleashes as a result is impossible to resist. What makes it even better is going back to see footage of Cohen and Cooper throwing back those tequila shots and Cooper taking each one like a mouthful of pure fire. After each one goes down, Anderson Cooper's cool and collected demeanor devolves into paroxysms of shrieking, gasping disgust that finally prompt Cohen to ask, "Are you kidding?!" to which Cooper can only say, "I don't drink!"

Anderson Cooper trying to drink tequila on television

Clearly his lack of tolerance is a testament to that. But why don't you drink, Anderson? You're so fun when you drink! This is not intended as an endorsement of any unhealthy habits—the best medical advice dictates that drinking should be reserved for special occasions and restricted to moderate portions—but have you ever considered getting hammered during all of your broadcasts? It might not align with professional journalistic standards, but I'm sure that a lot more people would tune into Anderson Cooper 360 if every episode involved you attacking your throat with liquor and collapsing in a fit of giggles.

If anyone wants to start that petition on, you can add my name to the list. For now, we'll just make do with this clip and try to find some more of these joyful little gems to help us survive 2020 while the world around us burns.

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