Andy Cohen Makes Sure Mariah Carey Jennifer Lopez Feud Rumbles On

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Mariah Carey Jennifer Lopez feud

Mariah Carey made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live last night and Andy Cohen, true to form, managed to get her to throw some shade Jennifer Lopez's way.

Mariah hasn't visited WWHL for three years, but she's not lost any of her divaliciousness since becoming engaged to Australian billionaire, James Packer.

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She showed up late to the live show and made Andy change seats (because her right side looks better).  Mimi shut down talk of who would be Jamie's best man in the upcoming wedding,  however she did confirm that the happy couple would be getting a prenup (which is hardly a revelation considering the $$$ involved). She also set the record straight on the rumors that she wants to use circus animals in the ceremony.

"No, that really made me mad.  These people really want to tell me I want endangered animals at my wedding?  I mean, I have several dogs."

Andy asked Mariah about those Beyonce-duet rumors and she replied that she would love to sing with Bey, but that it had never been talked about (for that we read Beyonce shut down the approach).

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When Mimi was last on WWHL in 2013 she failed to find three nice things about Eminem, and as we would expect, she had nothing nice to say about Nicki Minaj this time.  She couldn't even find one nice thing and said to Andy;

"Can you?"


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Sensing she was in a mood to dish, Andy asked about the ongoing Mariah/JLo feud.

Mariah has admitted a rivalry in the past but of course denies it comes fro her side. She famously replaced Lopez for one season on American Idol and it was noted that when JLo performed on the show during that one season (before she was asked back on the panel in place of Carey), Carey was the only judge who did not give a standing ovation.

Carey has said she doesn't know Lopez which Jen disputed in March saying;

"She does say that.  She's forgetful I guess! We've met many times.  I don't know....I don't know her that well."

Plus of course there was the incident when the actress was busted texting during Mariah's set at the Billboard Music Awards last year....yeah, it's fair to say the two have definitely thrown a few digs at each other over the years.

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Well fast forward to last night and Mariah managed to throw some shade at JLo again!

Andy tried to get to the bottom of the relationship between the two and asked Carey once again;

"Do you know each other?...She says you know her."

Mariah replied;

"No! Apparently I'm forgetful because I don't remember the fact that it was just like 'Hi, I'm so and so' and move on."


"Does she seem cool?"

There was a very long pause before Mariah answered;

"I don't know her. What am I supposed to say?"

Meowwwww again!

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Watch the segment below—I don't think we'll be seeing JLo at Mariah's wedding that's for sure!

The five times Grammy winner is the the subject of a reality show Mariah's World which follows the behind the scenes drama around her Las Vegas residency and will be shown later this year on E!.

On a side note—Andy Cohen really should refuse to move for anybody, because the left side of his hair has a weird little curl thing and is definitely not his best side!


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