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Premiere: Andy Kong starts a "Wildfire" with new single

Kong mixes R&B and piano-pop on his brand new single, the lead-in to a new full-length record

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Well, Andy Kong has (technically) already started a wildfire. His previous set of music, 2015's debut EP titled Meteor Showers, has collected nearly three million plays on Spotify so far and has set in motion his entire stardom. Now, he's doing much more than fanning the flames of success: he's poured a whole canister of gasoline onto the charred concrete jungle. Upon signing with Ephany Records, he began to set down his next mark, the next bold move forward in 2017--he unleashes his brand new single, aptly called "Wildfire," this Friday but Popdust got its hands on the exclusive premiere.

"With my first EP, I dove into the intimate beginnings of a relationship. With 'Wildfire,' I wanted to explore the dangerous path that passion, obsession and false love can lead to," he says about the song, which he recorded under the watchful and fiercely burning desert sun. That only led to Kong finding a frayed and weathered stylistic journey; he began his experimental brand of piano-based pop on Meteor Showers, but "Wildfire" (literally and figuratively) blazes the scorched earth to a remarkable transcendent level. He frames the images of consuming flames (and do nothing to stop it) around a dying relationship, and the thick timbre of his voice is enveloping and enticing enough to carry the story.

"Is it real love or a chemical? Could I even tell between the fake love and the physical, darling, with one heart to guide me?" he bemoans on the opening lyric, decorated upon stark piano. "But the wheels keep turning, the daylight burning through the seasons of my life." It isn't until the chorus that the lumbering and palpitating percussion serves as a reminder of the raging heartbeat and humanity within, heightening the senses and Kong's own personal truth.

"Wildfire" samples a forthcoming, yet-untitled, 10-track collection, expected to be revealed throughout the rest of the year.

Listen below:


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