Angry Fans Storm Out Of Mariah Carey's Korean Concert: 'It Was The Worst!'

Mariah Carey is being slammed again for her latest tour performances, this time from Korean fans who attended her Elusive Chanteuse Show in Seoul last night.

Website Netizen Buzz, which tracks trending news articles in Korea and translates the readers' comments into English, revealed a frosty reception to Mimi's recent tour stop, with many fans claiming that they walked out of the concert after the diva failed to deliver.

Some of the highest-voted comments included:

"The absolute worst... I can't believe I actually paid money and left work early to watch such a horrific concert."

"She was bad right from her first track. I feel bad for anyone who paid to watch this. I saw an ajumma walk out in the beginning saying, 'Wow, this is so trash that I can't even listen to it...' I agreed."

"Mariah Carey... it already feels like she's a has been but she's not even professional anymore. Beyonce performed with such passion and effort in Korea. Why can't Mariah anymore?"

"I'm a Carey fan who just got back from the concert... I thought she'd at least perform her most famous tracks in Korea like Hero or Without You but she didn't!! And the majority of the concert was spent on dancing and instrumental performances instead of her singing. A lot of lip syncing instead of live as well. Overall, a disappointment."

"Wow.. I just got out of the concert ㅠㅠ I'm such a huge fan that I was going to be satisfied with just seeing her live but she lacks so much basic things as a singer.. Her voice cracked, she forgot the lyrics to 'We Belong Together', everything had an MR (translated: a backing track), she left before her high note on 'Heartbreaker' ㅠㅠ Is this a joke? Doesn't she want to make money off her tour? I think I'm just going to be a fan of her music videos ㅠㅠ Can't believe I sat an hour in the cold for that."

Mimi already received a similar response to the tour's opening night in Tokyo over the weekend, with videos of her voice-cracking going viral earlier this week.

Fan footage from the Seoul stop reveals that Mimi's drastically improved since Tokyo, but they also show that she's now relying heavily on her backing singers, and is even straight up lip syncing in parts. She also noticeably axed some of the more challenging power ballads from the setlist, including "Hero."

You can check out a performance of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" below. Take note around the 2:55 mark which shows Mariah move the mic away from her mouth to put a feather boa on, all while her vocals remain perfectly in tune from the backing track she's miming to.