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Anie Delgado Channels the Complexion of Love on “Kaleidoscope”

Falling in love is like falling through space.

Los Angeles pop artist and actress Anie Delgado releases "Kaleidoscope," a song about falling in love once and for all.

Produced by double Emmy winner Lars Deutsch, Delgado explains the track's genesis, "I sampled a sound off of Splicer one day and the song kind of wrote itself. I was blasting it in my bedroom and dancing around and the lyrics and melody just came to me. It's about that moment when the person in front of you is the most interesting thing ever and you feel yourself fall. I compared my love interest in the song to a kaleidoscope using it to describe the vibrant, colorful vibes I got from him and the disorientation you feel when you fall in love."

Warm pulsing synths ride percolating percussion, as Delgado's crystalline voice infuses the lyrics with texture. "Boy, I'm in trouble / Cuz you walk in like a vision / And you pierce my soul / Now I'm seeing double in your afterglow / I want to get lost with you." Its safe to say Anie Delgado is a force to be reckoned with.

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