Anie Delgado's New Video "Galaxy" Is a Joyride Through the Cosmos

Singer-Songwriter Anie Delgado's new music video is a mix of cosmic collisions, kismet, and 1980's aesthetic.

Anie Delgado's music video for "Galaxy" opens on a scene at a house party.

A man looks bored, sitting on a couch while people play beer pong and party all around him. In walks Delgado, who immediately grabs his attention. Without a second thought, he gets up and approaches her, whispering something into her ear, accidentally turning off the lights in the process. This causes them both to discover that their bodies are speckled in glow-in-the-dark body paint, like neon-lit galaxies splattered against their skin. They are connected for a brief but profound moment, exploring each other's glowing bodies in the dark, until someone turns the lights back on and Delgado is pulled away by a friend.

The man goes to find her, wandering into a hallway and stopping in front of a closed door. Finally, Delgado reappears and opens the door out onto the depths of space. Together, the two enter a breathtaking, cosmic dreamscape of supernovas, floating auroras, and shooting stars. They become shimmering celestial beings as they explore their new surroundings. They embrace, they enjoy their moment, they kiss, and then they depart once more, fading away from each other into their own separate galaxies unseen.

Interspersed with this story of two strangers unexpectedly transcending time and space together, clips of Delgado dressed in various versions of an '80s diva flicker across several stacked televisions. The video's deep-space imagery is tied together perfectly in a cohesive aesthetic vision, as Delgado's infectious and lulling voice glides over sparse and airy instrumentation.

The two characters in "Galaxy" collide and explode for a brief and beautiful moment. They shine bright together for a time and then eventually fade away, just as bodies of matter collide to form galaxies in brilliant bursts of energy and light but also come undone with time. Delgado's vision leaves no sense of sadness, though, as the connection is nothing more than the awesome force that is the universe at play—as amazingly wonderful and strange as it is ephemeral.

Galaxy by Anie Delgado (Official Music Video)

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