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Anna Kendrick Goes K-pop Courtesy of f(x) and 'Funny or Die'

2NE1 and Girls' Generation haven't been shy when it comes to courting the foreign press and attempting to crossover into the Western market, but in the past month or so, it's girl group f(x) who seem to be getting the most attention. They just performed a packed-out set at SXSW, indie-pop darling Grimes counts herself as a huge fan (her fave f(x) track is "Love," in case you were wondering), and now the group has been featured in their very own Funny or Die skit alongside Pitch Perfect actress, Anna Kendrick.

The skit is a bit of a light parody of the movie musical that shot Kendrick to superstardom, with a few jabs reserved for K-pop and American celebrity culture.

It opens with Kendrick's agent telling the actress that she needs to expand her fanbase outside of the States and into Asia if she wants to stay on top -- which means flying to Korea and joining f(x). It then turns into a typical but hilarious fish-out-of-water story as Kendrick tries to fit in with the group and the K-pop lifestyle.

Other than Kendrick, f(x)'s American-born members, Krystal and Amber, do most of the talking, but Victoria also delivers a few hilarious lines in her thick Chinese accent.

Depending on how much attention this Funny or Die skit receives, we could easily be seeing more of f(x) in the American media as the year progresses. Just like 2NE1, the girls have the kind of razor sharp style designed to fill tumblr and impress fashion critics, and both groups produce the kind of mainstream electro-pop that appeals to Western tastes more than some of the cute and quirky stuff that can come out of the Korean music scene. And of course, it always helps when a K-pop group has an English-speaking member, and f(x) contains two.

Careful, 2NE1: f(x) may just beat you in the Korean girl group race to crack the States.

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