Anna Kendrick Taco Photo Controversy—Exclusive

Is this Anna Kendrick's taco or not?

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Anna Kendrick taco photo controversy

It's no secret that actress Anna Kendrick loves food. As Spoon University reports, her twitter feed is full of “extremely relevant musings on food."

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Here are some such musings:

Her favorite fast food is known to be Taco Bell -- she's admitted as such in appearances with Conan O'Brien and Anderson Cooper.

Kendrick's love of the Tex-Mex chain has led to many fan-made images of the star. anna kendrick taco

Anna Kendrick in a taco. Photo from Tumblr.

But, while doing stuff on the internet, our staff stumbled upon this image, which may or may not be Anna Kendrick with a giant taco!

Is this Anna Kendrick with a giant taco or not? (photo from Tumblr)

There has been some debate over the authenticity of this photo. We spoke with NAME REDACTED, who told us that he didn't think it was her "because of the hair color."

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Another person in the survey said that the phrase "Anna Kendrick taco" might raise some flags on a Google search. Not quite sure what he's talking about.

Is it actually Anna Kendrick holding a giant taco? Is it an Anna Kendrick lookalike? anna kendrick taco

If it is Anna Kendrick, was the photo shopped to look like she was holding a giant taco, and, if so, what was photoshopped out?

If it is Anna Kendrick, where did she get that giant taco from?

Vote in our twitter poll: Is this a picture of Anna Kendrick with a giant taco or not? anna kendrick taco

Bonus: photo of Anna Kendrick eating an In-N-Out Burger at the 2014 Oscars!

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