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Popdust's Anna Rose Bowery Electric coverage provided by special correspondent Quinton Counts.

I arrive at Bowery Electric, where Anna Rose is supposed to be performing at 9 o'clock, with a dead phone. It's 8:45 when I find a power outlet and send the quickest "I'M HERE" text ever to Amanda, Anna Rose's PR rep. A moment after that, Anna walks in with her band (Jamie, Bishop, and Adam) and I immediately introduce myself as "the guy who is covering their performance and interviewing Anna." They greeted me with open arms, introduced me to Amanda, and bought me a drink while I set up my recording equipment.

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This woman is a real artist. As they play, you can see her really getting lost in the performance and that she meant every word that she sang. The chemistry between her and her fellow band members was actually pretty beautiful. You can sense a unique synergy and mutual respect and appreciation between them.

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Anna and I got a chance to catch up after the performance. She told me she started playing piano and guitar at age 5 and that she has experience as a belly dancer! We also got to talk about the recording of her upcoming album, "Strays in the Cut," and how it compares to her previous album, "Behold the Pale Horse." Anna Rose made it patently clear how important it is to her that each song has an actual purpose or emotion. She's not the type to make a song just for the sake of making it, or just to give people a "club banger", but she's down for it if it happens organically.

For this particular EP, she recorded about 30 songs and chiseled it down to 6 because she wanted it to be the songs that she "felt" the most. She also talked about how she's owned that rock sound for some time, but she used her new EP as a chance to experiment with sounds that she's always wanted to embrace but wasn't comfortable. She's game to take on more risks creatively, and I'm eager to see what that feels and sounds like. After seeing her perform, I genuinely trust her in doing that.

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We also got a chance to talk about how she appreciates the work artists Adele and Taylor Swift is empowering women in the industry. Be sure to catch her upcoming NYC shows; December 8th she performs at Rockwood Music Hall, followed by a show at Brooklyn Bowl on January 27th.

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