Yes, you read that headline correctly. The actor-musician problem continues, with the Princess Diaries star turned overzealous Oscar host Anne Hathaway diving head first into the world of hip-hop. Rather than belt out a Broadway classic or American standard like we all know she can, the actress skipped singing entirely, in favor of her own Weezified rap while a guest on Conan Tuesday night. Because, you see, the relentless paparazzi attention around the set of The Dark Knight Rises has been really getting her down of late—we hate it when they stalk us at work, too—and she just needs to vent about it. But rather than throw an umbrella in their faces, Hathaway is attempting to understand her assailants and express her frustration through song, writing a rap she wrote from the photogs' point of view and performing it "in the style of Lil Wayne," which includes both biting lyrics ("Don't act so hotsy-totsy, bitch, I know that you from Jersey") and raspy delivery of Weezy himself. Unexpected, yes, but stranger things have happened. And while we know we've complained about the delays, it's still not too late to squeeze her into some tracks off Tha Carter IV.