Here at Popdust, we've been fans of X Factor girl group Fifth Harmony for a long time. (Well, for a few weeks, but in relative terms, that's a huge chunk of the group's existence!) We've examined their chances of being the next One Direction. We've found a lot of pictures of them being individually and collectively awesome. And we've officially dubbed them the Next Pop Superstars of 2013. That seems like the fast track to success for us—all that was missing was a record deal.

Now that final piece has fallen into place. Like 1D before them, 5H has officially inked a record deal with Simon Cowell's Syco Music, and will get to work on recording their debut album.

In a statement, the girls of Fifth Harmony sounded pretty jazzed about the whole thing, especially Ally:

“OMG!! I'm so looking forward to working with the great Mr. LA Reid and of course my uncle Simon!! Rudolph (Simon calls me Rudolph) is ready to go!! I am going to have a BLAST recording with my girls and working with L.A. and Simon. I promise we’re gonna bring it for our FLAWESOME Harmonizers!”

Simon calls her Rudolph!

Can Fifth Harmony overcome the US X Factor malaise and become the show's first bonafide success story? The odds might be long, but as we've learned here at Popdust, never underestimate the will and determination of the #Harmonizers. As the girls sang in their best X Factor moment, anything could happen.