We always suspected that TVXQ weren't entirely human. There's just no way that two normal men can have the sheer talent, beauty, and completely amazing hair that Max and Yunho possess. The duo first confirmed our suspicions on their Japanese hit, "Android," but now they're really driving the message home with the release of their new K-pop single, "Humanoids." The song picks up where "Android" left off, continuing the electronic robo-pop sound that's become the duo's signature this year. It doesn't quite stack up the brilliance of their past few Korean releases, but as usual, the official music video is able to compensate for the song's weaknesses. It also cements TVXQ's half-man, half-machine origins, just in case you still don't believe that the duo is truly out of this world.

Here's proof:

No actual human is this cute.

Earth currently lacks the technology to create a sneer this knee-bucklingly sexy.

Look at those shiny jackets. They're clearly from the future. Yep, it's official: TVXQ were created on another planet by some kind of technologically-advanced super robot race, and then sent to earth to slay us all with their flawlessness. It's the only logical explanation.