Next time Demi Lovato travels to South America, she might want to think about getting additional security. While Justin Bieber has the power to calm crowds with the generous cheek kisses, Demi and her team were unable to fight off the aggressive fans who charged upon her and her carry-on luggage, following an exit from Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Yes, crazed fandom is alive and well in 2012, especially in the Southern Hemisphere. One fan even went the extra mile to prove his or her devotion to Demi and potential for ultimately being institutionalized by ripping out a strand of singer's hair:

The correct responses to the image above are indeed "ouch" and "gross." Enjoy the sizeable fortune you'll probably get for that sucker on eBay, but if anyone should be pulling out her hair, it's Demi. Sometimes not being famous has its perks. Watch below.