Wave your arms in the air if you can't wait for this powerhouse to slay our lives this year? Ariana Grande took to her Twitter on Tuesday (April 15) to make a big announcement: her brand new single is called "Problem."

"That's all I can say for now," the singer teased.

Of course, she can't even give us a bone by doing a countdown or something. Lame. "Very soon," she said, replying to a fan requesting a countdown to new music. "I don't want to announce it until we're 10 days away."

This tidbit follows yesterday's teaser of her collaboration with the often-troubled singer Chris Brown, called "Don't Be Gone Too Long." In the three-minute clip, Brown is alone on stage, dancing his face off. The stage is dark and a single spotlight catches his moves. As a dance anthem, it has us intrigued, for sure.

So, what's Ariana's "Problem"? Any guesses?