Ariana Grande Acts Out Violent Fantasies in "boyfriend" Music Video

The song loses its charm when paired with the video's disturbing imagery.


Ariana Grande returns for a late summer entry with "boyfriend."

The pop sensation collaborated with "Thank U Next" producers to create the catchy, loop-worthy bop that will undoubtedly make playlists across the country. As summer flings start to end, "boyfriend" tackles the complicated nature of the "talking phase" of a relationship. Social House duo, Scootie Anderson and Mike Foster, blend effortlessly into the track, their voices complementing Grande's alluring, supple, and breathy vocals.

Unfortunately, the music video only detracts from the song's appeal. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, it follows Grande and Foster as they work to navigate an undefined relationship and the jealousy it brings. In the first half of the video, we see Grande fantasizing about attacking other women who court Foster. While this is meant in an undoubtedly playful way to show the irrationality that's often symptomatic of jealousy, it's an unfortunate imagery choice that fuels the toxic demonization of "the other woman." In return, Foster rips the heart out of a man for daring to talk to Grande in a moment of absurd, stylized violence that highlights pernicious possessiveness. The video concludes with Grande and Foster making out in a bathroom at the house party—apparently victorious champions in a toxic competition for each other's affections.

Watch the video here:

Ariana Grande, Social House - boyfriend

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