Ariana Grande's Peeps Begging Her To Do Charity Work, Rehab Her Image

Ariana Grande's management team is in damage control mode and are begging her to do some high profile charity work to offset the unflattering perception she’s managed to carve out, by licking other people’s donuts and such.

“Team Ariana is freaking out that her bratty reputation is going to sink her career,” an inside source tells Popdust exclusively.  “So they’ve devised a strategy to get her actively involved in charity work at the public level so people see she can also be very generous and kind, as well.”

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Thankfully, the pint-sized pop star isn’t mad at the idea and she’s tossing around some possibilities with her managers.

“Ariana loves animals and would love to start her own foundation to rescue abused and neglected animals of all kinds. She actually has done a lot of charity work in the past, but her PR team really wants to blow this up so it stays in the public’s mind.”

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The 22-year-old Love Me Harder singer also has an openly gay brother, who has generated a lot of interest for her in the LGBT movement.

“She loves Frankie and has many gay fans, so she’s also really interested in doing something to help the LGBT community and many of her fans are gay so it would be a great way to give back,” the source dishes.

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“Obviously, Ariana can be a total nightmare, but she also has a really sweet side, too. She’s actually really nice to her mom. She’ll be yelling at everyone on set and then her mom will walk in and she’ll just be as sweet as pie. She treats her mom like a queen, so she has it in her to be really nice, she just doesn’t show it as often as she should!”

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