This 20-way stylistic mind trip is only Ariana Grande's "Problem." Youtube star and Ten Second Songs creator Anthony took it upon himself to re-create the song that's on everyone's iPods, through cleverly flipping the song in, yes, 20 different ways. Not only does he do the predictable imitation (Destiny's Child) but he throws in a few curve balls (DMX, Incubus, Elvis Presley), in glorious fashion. His face is completely serious, folks, right up till the end!

This trippy clip comes ahead of Grande's TRL appearance tomorrow night (July 2) on MTV. In case you missed the memo, the pop diva is resurrecting the blockbuster after-school special for one night only, to perform her current Hot 100 hit (acoustic-style) and to premiere a new tune. She's also set to make a life-changing announcement!

"Problem" is the lead-in to Grande's sophomore disc, My Everything, set for release Aug. 25.

Tune in tomorrow night at 7/6c on MTV for a real-life, history-making moment on TRL!


Check it out:

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