Meme Hall of Fame: Arthur's Fist

The ridiculous meme that took the summer by storm comes in many forms--
we've rounded up the best of 'em.

For most of us, it was somewhere around mid-August that we noticed the meme-ing public simply could not get enough of the cartoon aardvark and his emphatic fist. But for the Arthur Fist Meme, the story starts a few weeks earlier on July 27th when Twitter user @AlmostJT put up the fateful screencap...

...aaaaand we're off! Since then the meme exploded as a symbol of rage. From the minor annoyances of daily life to populist rage, the Arthur Fist meme captured the internet's favorite emotion: anger.

Now, in no particular order, we present to you the hall of fame:

1. The Classic

2. The First Mutation

3. The Switch-Up

4. For the Intellectual

5. For the '00s Kids

6. For the Kids-at-Heart

7. The Anti-Meme

8. The Closer

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