Glee returns on Tuesday, promising a cover of Rihanna's drop-everything-and-dance "We Found Love," a potential solution to Emma's intimacy issues and a plethora of Michael Jackson covers that cast members themselves have already assured us probably won't do justice to the King of Pop's dance skills. And a cover of Maroon 5, because Glee loves mash-ups and performing former No. 1 songs a few months after the fact. Prepare yourself for a return to Adam Levine's world as Artie (Kevin McHale) schools us on wheelchair dancing in his "Moves Like Jagger" and "Jumpin Jack Flash" mash-up, backed by his hunky male cohorts Mike Chang and Mr. Schuester. Out of the three, Schuester is giving us the most Jagger rooster; we think this entire clip is worth it for the body rolls and shots of his bulging biceps—somebody's been working out! (Gotta get that frustration out somewhere.) Watch below.