Good to get all the news out at once. A$AP Rocky made an appearance on BET's "106 & Park"—just about the only place on music television for an artist to make an announcement in the daylight hours—to announce that his long-delayed major-label debut LongLiveA$AP (not to be confused with last year's mixtape LiveLoveA$AP) will finally be released on January 15th. Meanwhile, the cover art for the album was also released, and features a choppy image of Rocky draped in an American flag, as is all the rage in pop music these days (for better or worse).

Then, since Rocky was on a music video program and all, he decided it was as good a time as any to unveil the video for likely LongLive lead single "Fuckin' Problems," featuring 2 Chainz, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The video is one of those "we only have everybody involved for an hour each, let's just film 'em against a green-screen background and throw some hot chicks in there later" clips that's probably not gonna go viral or anything, but at least does a nice job showcasing the artists' respective personalities—and Drake's ever-increasing 'fro, which we are of course very excited about.

Will 2013 be the year of A$AP Rocky? No, because apparently the year is already spoken for, but he might have a nice 12 months just the same.