With a wardrobe that calls to mind that of Katy Perry from last year's "E.T."—minus the hooves—the visual representation of Ashanti's return is tad underwhelming. Where are the mob bosses? Stacks of cash? Ja Rule?! Oh. The futuristic video for "The Woman You Love" boasts Busta Rhymes and an ominous prelude, neither of which manage to strum up enough overwrought storytelling to match 2002's "Foolish." In the most recent clip's defense, her breakout video did have Terence Howard as its leading man. Flooded with memories both good and bad, Ashanti attempts to present herself as a unfairly scorned woman turned empowered role model, yet leaves us longing for a full "Irreplaceable"-style write-off of the man in question. It's good to have Busta on your side, though, if only because his quickfire rhyming illuminates the sky to expose the cheating ways of any poor excuse for a man. You have a tattoo of Ashanti's face on your back and you're still going to stray? Bad form, my dude. Watch below.