Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Star In Bizarrely Fake 'Moonquake Lake' Trailer

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"Things happen for a reason," Ashton Kutcher voices in an officially fake trailer for the sci-fi romantic thriller Moonquake Lake, which actually does premiere during the new Annie remake. The make-believe feature length also stars Mila Kunis, who is destined to "go home to the moon" as she cries tears of moonlight, and pop singer Rihanna (as the slithering underwater creature with a tongue of venom). If you were wanting on an onscreen reunion between the two That '70s Show costars, this will do—but it's not the way we thought it would go down.

This fake trailer, which combines a healthy dose of Twilight and a peppering of V, borrows its name from a song on the soundtrack. "Moonquake Lake" is a track by Beck and Sia (who also sings new versions of "You're Not Fully Dressed Without A Smile" and "Opportunity."

Kunis and Kutcher make real-life appearances as the actors Andrea Alvin and Simon Goodspeed.

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