Once again Ellen DeGeneres proved she is the ultimate networking queen, by bringing together X Factor judges Simon Cowell and Britney Spears, along with South Korean superstar Psy, who's becoming a household name thanks to his smash "Gangnam Style." Don't get any ideas, Cowell; Psy is happily signed to Schoolboy Records. This meeting of the minds was more a treat for Spears, expressed a desire to learn the exact moves to the song just two weeks ago. Ellen is certainly not going to let an opportunity like that slip through her fingers–especially when Psy is in Los Angeles and a new season of her daytime talk show is just beginning.

After chatting with Cowell about what we can expect from these not-so-nice new judges of his reality competition show, Spears was treated to one of Ellen's generosity kicks. Basically, if you're a famous or notable person who's gained attention for doing something great, Ellen will make it a priority to surprise you with a gift. Did someone say "Gangnam Style?" Spears, dressed as a flight attendant meets first lady, hobbled over to greet her new friend who entered with the moves that have made him so desirable among the likes of Scooter, Britney and beyond. "I'm Psy from Korea, how are you?" he asked the audience before walking the women through the "one and two and three and four" steps, and teaching them to flail about as if they were riding an invisible horse. Brit showed the same dexterity and flexibility as she did in her "I'm A Slave 4 U" days, leaving us optimistic that her dancing skills aren't what they used to be. Watch below.