Asked & Answered: Everything You Need To Know About Daily Harvest

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I think we all know that when we eat clean, we actually feel better. Every time I prioritize cooking clean, wholesome, and nutritious meals, I feel so happy and productive. But cooking takes time and energy to plan, and right now I just don't have it. Ironically, it's exactly when I'm too busy juggling work and family to cook that I need the energy from healthy eating most. Luckily I discovered Daily Harvest, which delivers vegan, plant-based smoothies and savory bowls to my door every month.

Daily Harvest has made it possible for me to function at my best, reaping the benefits of healthy eating, even when I'm too busy to cook. Here are all your burning questions about Daily Harvest, answered by me, a happy, healthy smoothie lover who's never looking back.

What's the difference between Daily Harvest and the smoothies from my local juice store?

Your local juice store might sell a green smoothie, but what's going into it is probably filled with sugar and not really very nutritious. Daily Harvest packs their smoothies full of superfoods, so every cup has a variety of leafy greens, antioxidant-rich veggies, and fruits from around the world. All of their treats are GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegan, which makes clean eating easy. Plus they flash freeze the ingredients at their ripest, for maximum nutrition. The variety and thought behind each smoothie mean your breakfast is packed with the nutrients you need to keep your body working at it's best.

How much time and energy do the smoothies take to make?

5 minutes, tops. Everything you need comes in the cup, all you have to do is toss it in the blender with your chosen liquid- almond milk or coconut milk if you're dairy free, or simply add water, then blend for about a minute, then pour it back into the cup, drink and go. It's the perfect breakfast or snack. I throw the blender in the dishwasher and am off to work in less than 5 minutes every morning.

It's healthy -- but does it taste good?

This is probably what surprised me most about Daily Harvest. Usually the smoothies and juices I drink taste more like medicine than a delicious treat. But Daily Harvest's smoothies are legitimately delightful. If I hadn't seen all the whole superfoods in the cup before I blended the smoothie, I would have sworn the Chocolate + Hazelnut flavor was a high-end milkshake.

Can I get lunch options or are there just smoothies?

If smoothies aren't your thing or you just want some more variety, Daily Harvest also has savory Harvest Bowls, Soups, Chia Bowls, and more. Personally, I like drinking a smoothie in the morning then taking a Brussel Sprouts + Tahini Harvest Bowl to work for an afternoon energy boost.

How does the delivery work?

Daily Harvest has a ton of subscription plans to work for your schedule. You can get weekly or monthly deliveries with anywhere between 6 and 24 cups per box. I'm on the 9 cups a week plan, which gives me breakfast and an afternoon pick-me-up every day of the workweek. You can choose exactly what you like, which I love because I can switch up my go-to flavors for variety, try something new, or just order the whole week's worth of my favorite items. They deliver with dry ice, so I never have to worry about leakage on my doorstep if I'm coming home from work late. Plus, I love that they make it easy to pause if I go out of town.

Daily Harvest gives me the ability to take healthy eating to the next level- it's completely changed the way I think about food.

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