Some girls have already planned their kids' names with him. Some girls camp out for him for days at a time. In a sea of rampant Beliebers, it's nearly impossible to spot the piranha. Submitted for your approval, here is the face of the ten-year-old girl who has managed to spot the "lie" in "Belieber":

In two minutes, Alyssa Trebat attempts to convert the viewer into a fellow Bieber Hater.

CLAIM: Justin Bieber is TERRIBLE.


  • He's stupid.
  • He sings terribly.
  • He has a flat butt.
  • F-L-A-T. FLAT butt.


She's able bring her argument home in less than thirty seconds, so she uses the remaining ninety to take full advantage of the special features on whatever computer program she's using.

She hates him in London.

She hates him in France.

She hates him in Pisa (or, as she calls it, "I don't know where this is, I'm only ten OK?!").

She hates him as a baby.

She hates him as an alien.

She hates him as whatever this is.


You haven't heard true rage until you've heard Alyssa Trebat spell out the word "flat" in reference to Justin Bieber's buttocks.