Politics are not traditionally a heavy presence at the 40/40 Club, the trio of Jay-Z-owned clubs best known for holding parties celebrating the likes of athletes like Chris Bosh and musicians like Chris Brown (and for Jay's classic lyrical drop of the club in his "Dirt Off Your Shoulder"). However, politics will take center stage—or at least one of the side stages—on September 18th, as Jay and wife Beyoncé will be hosting a fundraiser for Presidential candidate and double-date partner Barack Obama. Explains the New York Post, "We hear the event will be intimate and capped at 100 guests who will shell out $40,000 per ticket to dine with the commander-in-chief and hip-hop royal."

$40,000, huh? Well, the chicken wings and mini-burgers and other hors d'ouevres that were served the last time we were there were good and all, but for that much, the food better be a whole lot more upscale, or Obama should have to get up and do a freestyle Romney dis over "Shook Ones, Pt. 2" or something. We'll be camping out outside just in case.