During their heyday, Danity Kane were better known for their reality TV drama and tabloid antics than they were for their music, so it's no surprise to see the girls are already beefing despite only being back together for a couple of months.

The drama seemed to start from a quote D. Woods made to TMZ, saying that she would've loved to perform with her former bandmates for their recent comeback gig at L.A.'s House of Blues, but wasn't invited. She also claimed that she didn't even know about the group's reunion until she read about it on TMZ back in May -- something that goes against amicable statements released by both herself and Danity Kane back in August.

Anyway, Aubrey O'Day caught wind of D. Woods' claims, and retaliated with a shady Instagram photo of the current DK lineup performing, accompanied by the caption: "Do you spend your time takin interviews.. or do you work?"

D. Woods then clapped back, retweeting Aubrey and following up with this threat: "That was cute @aubreyoday my attorney will be coming for my cut off that WORK #stillusingmyvocals."

Can someone please just get these ladies another reality show? Danity Kane's comeback won't be the same if we can't see them all arguing and fighting like they did during the good ol' days of DK.