Austin Mahone Reveals He's a Virgin in New Details Profile

YouTube pop sensation Austin Mahone got his first major profile this week, courtesy of Details and Popdust co-founder Craig Marks. In the feature, Austin comes across as a reasonably well-adjusted teenage boy (albeit one with 2.7 million Twitter followers). He listens to his mom, he doesn't act out, and he seems to spend a lot of time playing video games. He also reveals one thing we might not have expected from him: He's a virgin. This isn't surprising or embarrassing, exactly—he just turned 17, for goodness sake—but it's the type of disclosure we don't get very often from very famous teenage boys. Is this another example of the constant sharing today's social-media landscape demands of its stars, or just a sign that we're starting to talk about male teen stars the way we've always talked about female ones?

Here's the relevant passage, so you can decide for yourself:

Austin's wall-to-wall itinerary leaves little time for more pedestrian teenage pursuits, which seems to suit him fine. He misses seeing his friends in school but says, "What I'm doing now is way cooler. I could care less about prom." He doesn't smoke weed or drink—"I hate the taste of alcohol. It's disgusting"—and as for girls and relationships and sex, that will have to wait, too. Moms, pinch yourselves. "Yeah, I'm a virgin," he says without a trace of embarrassment or calculation. "I think it's important to wait until you find that special person and not have it be just any random girl. I'm here because of God, and He has a plan for me." Is there anyone out there currently who may fit into this plan? "Nah," he demurs, fidgeting with his ball cap and staring down at the carpet. "I'm too busy right now." Earlier, however, he did make a confession of sorts: "I think Kendall Jenner is really cute, though."

At least if Austin ever meets Pitbull, they'll have something to discuss. Read the full interview here.

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