First, the introduction that we might not need in 2012: Avicii's the Swedish DJ whose track "Levels" is Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" minus Flo Rida but with the Etta James sample intact. No matter what your opinions on Flo Rida songs are, being part of one can be quite the career boost (just ask Ke$ha), which explains why there's somewhat more ado over the song's video than there might have been.

The handful of you who've seen Laurent Wolf's video for "No Stress" are going to find this quite familiar! Everyone else will just find it very instructive. No matter how much the Spirit of Dance has overtaken you, it's wise to follow the following advice in the following highly specific situations:

If you have a quiet office job portrayed in dull grey tones, but want to keep that office job: Don't bust a series of moves and bust out graffiti in front of coworkers, on top of your desk, while your boss is alerted and ultimately toward security cops with tasers. We particularly recommend against the part with the tasers.

If you're in a magical dream reverie where Etta James' voice is coming out of your mouth: Don't push a boulder up a hill. You might bend gender, but you can't bend Greek myths.

If you're attending to a patient strapped to a gurney who has what appears to be a soapy, powdery flower blooming from his lips: Do just about anything but eat that flower and feed it to the other attendant. I mean, jeez.