Look, Coldplay is a polarizing band—for everyone who loves pounding their chest to the group's brand of anthemic, melancholy pop/rock, there's someone who finds their sound damp and insufferable. So Avril Lavigne probably should have expected that when she started playing a rendition of Coldplay's "Fix You" at a recent live gig in Brazil, there might've been a slight backlash. One particularly enraged fan may have taken his discontent a little far, though, rushing the stage to get to the singer. Avril shrieked, and the crowd gasped as the man was quickly whisked away by security, after which he was (presumably) taken to detainment and forced to listen to A Rush of Blood to the Head on repeat overnight. Ever the pro, Avril recovered ("It's all good!"), and restarted her performance.

Maybe go with a Snow Patrol cover next time, though, Avril. Nobody doesn't like Snow Patrol.