The video for Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend"-gone-garage single "What The Hell" premiered over the weekend, and it proves that even though her pop-rebel career is now eight years old and she's sold millions of records along the way, she's still totally about messing up the system, man. Not only does she continue the "wreaking havoc at shopping establishments" theme that began with her 2003 mall-wrecking video for "Complicated," she also plays a real-life game of Crazy Taxi (which ends with a mini-wreck), shows off her basketball skills, and performs her new single to a gaggle of screaming fans. All in a day's work of being totally rebellious!

And yes, Avril realizes that the boutique is right for her when she notices that it's carrying her own Abbey Dawn line, which started as a Kohl's-exclusive brand but which is now being carried in boutiques around the world. You'd think that synergy would at least result in her paying for her purchases, since it would seem to be in her economic interest to do so!